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Hutchinson MN West Elementary

West Elementary

875 School Road South
Hutchinson, MN 55350

(320) 587-4470

Principal: Anne Broderius

Supervision Starts at: 8:20

School Start/End Times: 8:35 - 3:15

School News

Safe and Secure Schools: West Elementary

West Elementary has undergone some changes over the past year in order to make the school more safe and secure. This video was produced with the intention of informing parents about these changes and to educate parents about the ways that West Elementary ensures the safety of all students. We discuss how to visit West, […]

Hutchinson Public Schools

Hutchinson Public Schools

Welcome to West Elementary from Principal Anne Broderius:



Daily Announcements:

Keep up-to-date with news and information from West on our Twitter feed @WestElemTigers

You may also receive this information via text message. Just send the message “follow @WestElemTigers” to 40404. (Text messaging fees may apply according to your contract.)

West Tweets are focused on sharing the good news about our school.  Parents should rely on the many other forms of communication to stay up to date on important happenings specific to their child (teacher newsletter, emails, etc.).

What a joy to be greeted by the smiles and happy conversations of children every day! Thank you for supporting us in our work with your child. We desire to meet the needs of all students and families. We strive to provide a safe and happy environment for children to learn in ways that are developmentally appropriate. We believe we are doing this every day at West.

West Elementary would like to invite you to be an important part of your child’s education. You are your child’s first and most important teacher, and we value your input and the work you do with your child. West offers many opportunities to volunteer and support what we do at West. Please watch for those opportunities or contact your child’s teacher for more information.

As we move through this school year, we encourage you to share in some conversations with your child. Young children love to talk. They have many wonderful stories to tell about their experiences at school. They love to know that someone is listening. They love to hear stories about you and your childhood – have fun with this. Please take time to truly listen to them. This time with you is a priceless gift.

Learn more about West Elementary and the programs offered by watching the video above. West Elementary serves the district’s preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. All aspects of a student’s typical day are discussed in the video, which may help parents and students become more aware of what kindergarten will be like. Curriculum is addressed, as well as topics like safe entry, our philosophy on student learning and achievement, enrichment opportunities, and home connections. Questions about West Elementary may be directed to office staff at 320-587-4470.