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1200 Roberts Road SW
Hutchinson, MN 55350
Phone: 320-587-2151
Fax: 320-587-8217
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Below is the High School Staff Directory. If you don’t know the person you need to contact or would would like to view the Complete Staff Directory, click on the links in the right menu sidebar.

Antonia Barrick

Photo of Antonia Barrick
Health Services CoordinatorDistrict-wideWork Phone: 320-234-2731

Anne Bassett

No Photo Available
CookHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-234-2643

Kristin Bateman

Photo of Kristin Bateman
Teacher, Special EducationHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-587-2151 x 5243

Toni Becker

Photo of Toni Becker
Custodian, LeadHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-587-2151×5106

Jami Beffert

Photo of Jami Beffert
Teacher, MathHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-587-2151 x 5225

Lois Beilke

Photo of Lois Beilke
Assistant Production ManagerHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-234-2643

Carla Benson

Photo of Carla Benson
Teacher, ArtHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-587-2151 x 5164

Joshua Berge

Photo of Joshua Berge
Teacher, MathHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-587-2151 x 5207Website: Mr. Berge’s Website

Yuri Bjorstrom

Photo of Yuri Bjorstrom
Education AssistantHigh SchoolWork 1200 Roberts Rd SW Hutchinson MN 55350 Work Phone: 320-587-2151 x 5002

Mackenzie Boeckers

Photo of Mackenzie Boeckers
Teacher, Special EducationHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-587-2151 x 2707

Susan Boor

Photo of Susan Boor
Teacher, Occupational TherapistDistrict-wideWork Phone: 320-234-2608

Alex Brown

Photo of Alex Brown
Teacher, ScienceHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-587-2151 x 5166Website:

Jocelynn Buckentin

Photo of Jocelynn Buckentin
Technology Innovation SpecialistDistrict-wideWork Phone: 320-234-2716Website: Ms. Buckentin\’s Technology Integration Website

Debra Card

Photo of Debra Card
Teacher, Physical & Health EducationHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-587-2151 x 5310

Renee Cassens

Photo of Renee Cassens
Cook LeadHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-234-2643

Scott Daak

Photo of Scott Daak
Education Assistant, Special EducationHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-587-2151

Robert Danneker

Photo of Robert Danneker
PrincipalHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-234-2694Website:

Amanda Davis

Photo of Amanda Davis
Cooks AssistantHigh SchoolWork Phone: 320-234-2643
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