Tigers of the Week: Sabrina Tracy & Lane Glaser

Congratulations to Sabrina and Lane, our TIGERs of the Week.

Sabrina Tracy – Girls Hockey

Sabrina works hard every single day, she competes as hard in practice as she does in a games. She is always willing to work on something new that will help her and/or benefit the team as a whole. Sabrina has a positive attitude and shows respect to her team, coaches, opponents and officials.

Lane Glaser – Boys Hockey

Lane is been one of our top players for the past 2 seasons and has really developed into one of the top players in the conference. He got off to a good start scoring the first goal of the season.  Lane is also proving to be a great leader for us early on this year. He has been extremely helpful with many of our young players. He also demonstrates leadership with the younger players in the youth program. His effort is contagious which is important when promoting the team concept.

Hutchinson Public Schools

Hutchinson Public Schools