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REACH Program Overview

What is the REACH Program?

The REACH Program is a voluntary, in school program designed to assist our students who may need support academically, socially, and /or emotionally.

The Goal: Help students experience success by learning new life skills to overcome barriers and/or challenges present in their lives.

Class groups (Teams) ideally consist of 10 to 15 students, with direct instruction from two instructors (Team Leaders), working closely with the team of Administration, Social Worker, Guidance Counselors, and students Families.

The REACH Program not only supports these students academically, but helps the students to build skills necessary to become successful adults after graduation.

The REACH Philosophy

Believing in the ability of every student to overcome academic and personal obstacles to achieve success. To treat each student with dignity and respect, while being sensitive to individual needs.

What does REACH stand for?

Relationships – A safe place for students to belong, connect and be supported.
Education – Create positive learning opportunities through academic support and individual assignment modification.
Accountability – A support network with staff committed to help students succeed that nurtures student accountability with parent support.
Character – Skill building activities that encourage positive academic and personal growth.
Hard Work – Students that rise to the level of expectations.

The REACH Daily Schedule

The REACH Program follows a regimented schedule each week. The items on the schedule are listed below.

Weekly Check-in/Goals Group

During weekly check-in, students share about how they are doing in the arena of their social and family lives in a small-group setting. Goals group allows students to reflect upon the Academic, Individual, and Family goals they have identified in REACH, and the progress they have made each week toward obtaining them. Group members have the opportunity to offer feedback and support in assessing each member’s level of commitment to making progress.

Character Building Exercises

Wednesday in REACH is skill-building day. REACH students work as a group to build problem-solving and life skills through a variety of experiential exercises. These fun activities help the teams build close, supportive relationships as they develop skills they can carry with them into adult life. Some of these skills have included physical fitness, team problem solving, planning for the future, and community outreach, giving back.

Academic Days

On Tuesday and Thursdays, REACH students are provided with an opportunity to focus on their core required classes and receive one-on-one tutoring from the REACH staff when needed. The REACH staff work closely with the high school instructors to collaborate on each students academic progress. Students are reminded often of their responsibility to complete the course work required in order to reach their goal of graduating

The REACH Objective: To Pay Forward what has been given to us.

Quote from a high school student:
“When a person experiences that brief shining moment where they go beyond what is expected of them and do something for another person for no reason other than generosity, then that is the best emotion a person can feel. One unique thing about these deeds is that they are unconditional. This means that regardless of what someone might have done to you or might not have done for you, the kind act will still exist.”


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