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Wall of Fame

Hutchinson Public Schools Wall of Fame


2018 Inductees
  • Bill ArndtFan
  • Heidi CarlsonStudent Athlete
  • Les KoubaFine Arts
  • Len Lasley – Coach/Advisor
  • Paul LenzStudent Athlete
  • Bruce Rosenow – Coach/Advisor
  • Beth ShimanskiStudent Athlete
  • Harry SpannousOutstanding Graduate
2016 Inductees
  • Mike CarlsCoach/Advisor
  • Jon CarlsonOutstanding Graduate
  • Dave MayFan
  • Andrea (Jeseritz) Pearson (Class of 1994)Student Athlete
  • Cory Sauter (Class of 1990)Student Athlete
  • Karen ScottOutstanding Graduate
  • Charles Ulrich (Class of 1948)Outstanding Graduate
2014 Inductees
  • Doris Jensen (Class of 1939)Outstanding Graduate
  • Jim MillsCoach
  • Earl OlsonFan
  • Herb Pellinen (Class of 1973)Student Athlete
  • Roger RootOutstanding Graduate
  • Allison RostbergStudent Athlete
  • Andy Rostberg (Class of 1985)Student Athlete
2012 Inductees
  • Kelly BrinkmanStudent Athlete
  • Dennis LukeCoach
  • Roger KrantzOutstanding Graduate
  • Claudia (Swanson) PilotOutstanding Graduate
  • William SchererAdvisor
  • Steve WicklundFan
2010 Inductees
  • Jerry CarlsonCoach
  • Tom ColesStudent Athlete
  • Ralph JohnsonFan
  • Chul Schwanke (Class of 1984)Student Athlete
  • Dr. D. Vaughn WeselohOutstanding Graduate
2008 Inductees
  • Emmanuel AlbrectStudent Athlete
  • Michael ArndtFine Arts
  • Ron McGraw (Class of 1955)Fan
  • Jack McLellandCoach
  • Grady RostbergCoach
  • Stan SytsmaStudent Athlete
  • Barb Tschida – Coach
  • Lindsay Whalen (Class of 1999)Outstanding Graduate

Categories and Criteria


Coach/Advisor shall have made significant contributions to their sport or activity and to the advancement of students under their direction. Coaches must be retired from the sport of nomination.

Student Athlete

The Student Athlete shall have been out of school for at least five years. The Student Athlete should have made outstanding contributions to their sport while attending Hutchinson High School.


This person shall have made significant contributions and offered support to the activities programs at Hutchinson High School.

Outstanding Graduate

This person shall have graduated from Hutchinson High School and have achieved outstanding success in their field that reflects their education from Hutchinson High School.

Fine Arts

The fine arts alumni shall have been out of school for five years. This person shall have performed or been active in the fine arts at Hutchinson Public Schools as a student and have gone on to use their talents to benefit the community in which they live.

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