Tigers of the Week: Varsity Girls Hockey Team

Congratulations to our TIGERs of the Week:

Varsity Girls Hockey

The girls varsity hockey team has out-shot the opponent 149 to 39 over the last 3 games leading to 12 goals for to 2 goals against while winning each contest. These are amazing margins which supports the result being a team effort. This accomplishment signals the cohesive locker room and no passengers mentality of this group. Well done ladies!

A New Year, A New Start

By Chanda Kropp, High School Counselor and Spanish Teacher

It’s 2020, a new year, a new start. That phrase is much easier said than done. It is so comfortable to stay with what we know because it works, right? Ironically, sometimes we stay in unhealthy patterns because at least we know that it doesn’t work. There is comfort in knowing how a situation is going to end, even if we wish it would end another way. However, often we are unsure how to create a new pattern/habit that might lead to a different more positive result even when we try to observe and understand our behavior.

As a new counselor, I have been observing a lot. I observe how students interact in the hallways, lunchroom, in classrooms and at activities. I notice that students feel stress, happiness, frustration, accomplishment and many other emotions at school. Observing has given me great insight, but it doesn’t tell me the whole story. When I have the opportunity to engage in conversations with students, they share information that I could not observe. These conversations give me that “aha” moment of why a student acted in a certain way. Without these conversations, I might have assumed why the behavior happened instead of understood why it happened. The most challenging part for me is that each student has unique needs and so I am often left wondering, how do I meet the needs of each student? How do I meet them where they are at in their teenage journey? What works for one student, doesn’t always work for the next student. This is where the new year, new start concept is being developed at the high school.

The high school counseling department will create two focus groups in the next few months. There will be a student and parent group to help the high school counselors better understand the needs of our students. On January 7, we are meeting with our student group to listen to what is important to our students in order for them to be successful. We want to empower these students to know that their concerns will be heard and we want to work with the students to seek solutions or ways to improve. We also will create a parent focus group by using a computer-generated random chooser to pick four parents from each grade. We will listen to concerns and ways we can best support the students and their families at Hutchinson High School.

I look forward to the conversations and the ideas that will be generated. Listening is an important part of creating a positive school culture. We encourage you to have open conversations with your child about school and ask them what they do or do not like and why. Feel free to communicate those concerns with the counselors. We know some patterns need to change and we want to hear from our students and families. Our goal is to have a deeper understanding of how to best help each student. We know we cannot do this alone; we need families and the community to support Hutchinson High School students. It will take honest conversations and a plan to create a positive learning environment for our students.

Activities: January 6-11, 2020

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Tiger Pride!

Activities: December 30 – January 3

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Tiger Pride!

Tigers of the Week: Zach Kuseske & Maddy Heller

Congratulations to the Tigers of the Week: Zach Kuseske and Maddy Heller!

Zach Kuseske – Boys Basketball

Early in the season Zachary is showing great Leadership on and off the court. On the court he currently leads us in minutes played, points scored, steals and rebounds. Anyone who has seen us play can attest to Zachary’s Tiger Qualities of Tenacity and Effort. He is always giving his maximum effort while being very tenacious on defense. Zachary has a very good Basketball IQ.

Maddy Heller – Showstoppers Dance Team

Mady has really stepped up into a leadership role on the team the past few weeks. She is ready to offer choreography changes and suggestions, she motivates her team through constructive criticism, and she gives 110% at practice. Her teammates have commented on her performance quality and competitiveness.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset
(Failure is an Opportunity to Grow & Learn)

By Jessica Bouta, Licensed School Counselor

Each day we ask children to grow their knowledge in many different subject areas including building social and emotional skills. Some tasks may come easy to master, while others require more practice and focus. For many, giving up when learning gets tough can often become the more natural solution. “I can’t do it” or “this is too hard” are common responses.

How we encourage and respond during these times can help children become resilient and develop a “can do” attitude. Adopting a growth mindset approach helps children navigate through the tough times both in and out of the classroom and helps turn failure into learning opportunities.

Someone who practices growth mindset believes they can they can get smarter, failure is an opportunity to grow, learning about new things is enjoyable, and feedback can be used to improve. It’s never too early or too late to practice principles of growth mindset.

You might be wondering how you can help your child develop a growth mindset to get through life’s challenges.  The first step is to be aware of your own thoughts, mindset, and actions. Children learn from the adults around them how to respond to challenges and will often replicate in their own lives.

Some other ideas include:

  • Praise children for their effort, ability to learn from a mistake, and persistence
  • Practice “the power of yet” – say “I can’t do it yet” instead of “I can’t do it”
  • Ask questions such as “What did you do today that was hard?” or “What new strategies did you try?”

Using growth mindset strategies is not just for in the classroom. It has real world applications that extend beyond their school years. When we are intentional with our words and actions, we can all help children learn to never give up, try different strategies to solve a problem, and making mistakes is ok if we learn from them.


Tiger of the Week: Devon Bode

Congrats to Devon Bode, our TIGER of the Week for December 16 – 20

Devon Bode – Boys Swim and Dive

Devon has had a great start to the season. Devon is starting this season way ahead of where he started last season. He is focused on improving and working hard every day.

Activities: December 16-21, 2019

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Tiger Pride!

District Highlights

Enjoy these District Highlights from the December 9, 2019 School Board meeting.

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Tigers of the Week: Karissa Korson & Alex Nelson

Congrats to Karissa and Alex, our TIGERs of the Week:

Karissa Korson – Girls Basketball

Karissa has taken on the role as captain this season and is a great example for our younger players.  Karissa has proven that leadership can come from anyone on the team. Although Karissa hasn’t yet been in the starting lineup, she works hard, contributes maximum effort and can impact the game with her energy. She recently led our team, scoring 17 points off the bench which contributed 40 points in our win versus Litchfield.

Alex Nelson – Wrestling

Alex was the Litchfield Invitational champion at his weight class. Alex’s finals match was very competitive until he capitalized on an opportunity to pin his opponent and be crowned champion.  That was one of 19 falls for the team that day which was enough to earn the top place finish for the Hutch-BLHS Tigers. Alex works hard and gives 100% effort on the mat and will be an important component in the success of our team this year.

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