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Great Websites

Featured Websites for Students
Topic Web Link Description
World Wide Web Use and Safety NetSmartz!  Before using the world wide web, learn how to be safe and smart.
Searching Search that provides only reviewed and evaluated resources
  Safely select age-appropriate webpages
Science BBC school science
  Little Monsters
  Animal Games
  Solar System Jigsaw
  Famous People Learn/Quiz on famous people
Stories Storyline online.  Students can hear stories read by actors
 Learning   1 to 100 number square game
  Games, crafts, clip art, recipes, comics, gardening ideas and rhyming activities
  Virtual Math Manipulatives Games, cool spots and webquests
  United States Mint.  History and ways to use coins.


Internet for Classrooms Pre-K


Internet for Classrooms
  Educational Computer Fun and Games
  Literacy Center games for teaching reading foundational blocks


 Mend the Number Square  Drag the correct number into the space where the caterpillar is.
  Stop the Clock / to the 1/2 hour
Smithsonian Zoological Park
  Practice mouse skills.  Includes Dress Barnaby Bear and Build a Builder
Just for Fun Games
Seussville has games, biography
Art Make art! Make art! 
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