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eLearning Day

ISD 423 Program Plan for eLearning Days

The district has scheduled for eLearning days to take place for grades K-12 during snow days in the 2019-20 Academic Calendar.

In the event of a snow day, Hutchinson Public Schools will conduct class online in the form of an eLearning assignment. Your child’s teacher will be sending your student materials through Google Classroom, and will be available to you online or by phone for any questions you or your student may have. Activities sent to your student on this day will be related to current class themes, goals and outcomes.

eLearning Assignments

The eLearning expectations for your student will be found by logging in to your child’s Google account from home.

Logging In to Google Classroom

On a computer or Chromebook: 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your child’s username and password using the information below:
    • Username: Your child’s first name, last name, and the last digit of their graduation year.
    • Example: Joe Student, Class of 2031 would be joestudent1
    • *If your child is in Grades K-3, a camera will pop up following the username. Click the link below the camera window that says “Try Another Method” to enter the password.
    • Password: Tigers with a capital T,  followed by your child’s lunch number with no spaces.
    • Example: If your child’s lunch number is 1234, then the password would be Tigers1234
    • Click on the Google Classroom icon to access your assignment.

On a tablet, iPad or smartphone*:

  1. Download two free apps from your device’s app store–Google Classroom and Google Slides. This will simplify the completion of eLearning activities, and you’ll only have to log in to your child’s account once. After that, they will have access through that device any time.
  2. Touch “Sign In” and type your child’s google account using the information below:
    • Google Account: Your student’s first name, last name, and the last digit of their graduation year, followed by “”
    • Example: Joe Student (Class of 2031) would be
    • Tiger Portal: Your student will then be prompted to login to the Tiger Portal. Their username and password for this are listed above.
    • Example: Username– joestudent1 and Password– Tigers1234

*If you are using a smartphone, you may have a more limited experience, as many of the tasks being assigned work best with a larger screen surface.

*If you have multiple children in the house that will be using the app, you can login each student separately. Touch the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the app,  then touch the down arrow to select a different user or add an account.

If You need assistance with logging in or accessing materials, please contact Jocelynn Buckentin, District Technology Integration Specialist, by email at or by phone at 320-234-2716.

Step By Step Visual Login Instructions

Teacher Contact Information

Please contact your student’s teacher with any questions, as they will be available by phone or email during an eLearning day. You may locate their contact information by clicking below.

eLearning Day FAQ for Parents and Guardians

For any questions regarding eLearning days, please visit our FAQ document.


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