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Starting School


Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to School

  1. Be enthusiastic about the upcoming change.  If you are excited and confident, your child will be too.
  2. Prepare your child for the start of school.  Be sure to attend kindergarten registration.  Familiarize your child with West Elementary and introduce your child to his or her teacher.  Note how your child is reacting to separating from you.
  3. Start daily routines that help your child prepare for school.  Allow your child to become involved with packing lunch/treats, backpack, and laying out their school clothes for the next school day.  Begin a school night bedtime several weeks before school begins.
  4. Allow extra time for preparation and conversation in the first few days of school.  The routines of preparing for school are new for both you and your child and having a few extra minutes in the morning before school may help your child have a smoother start to his or her school day.
  5. Always say good-bye to your child.  Remember not to prolong the good-bye and be firm, yet kind, about separating.  If a child whines or clings to you, staying will only make separating more difficult.  Never ridicule a child for crying, instead make supportive statements to the child.  Be confident about going to school and your child will model your confidence.
  6. Make time to talk with your child about his or her day after school.  It is important for the child to have an opportunity to share his or her experiences and concerns with you on a daily basis.  This will allow you an opportunity to share his or her accomplishments and address any concerns that he or she may have.
  7. Arrange a play date, if possible, with another student from his or her class.  It will help your child to see a friend at school, until he or she becomes better acquainted with classmates.
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