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Group Counseling

These groups are not therapy, but are supportive and educational.  The groups meet 20 minutes during the regular school day for six weeks. Students get referred to groups by teachers or parents.  A parent permission slip is required to be in group.  Groups are offered at different times of the year based on need.

 Friendship Bees

This group will practice social skills while learning what it means to be a good friend.  Students who participate will learn cooperation through games, stories on friendship, and other activities.


Family Change

This group is designed to provide support for students coping with their parent’s divorce or separation by identifying and discussing feelings surrounding family change.



This group is a conflict resolution group that empowers students to keep the peace in all situations.  In this group children will learn different strategies for working out their differences and what to do when they are frustrated.


School of Champions

Study skills group-this group will focus on doing your best, listening, using time wisely (organizational skills), working together, and test taking skills.  This group will focus on study skills and will not be a tutor time or time to do extra work.


Smile Group

This group is for students who have a loved one that is struggling with an Alcohol/Drug Addiction.  Students will discuss feelings surrounding the addiction and learn skills to cope.



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