Tigers of the Week: February 25 – March 1, 2019

Cole and Jordan are our TIGERs of the Week for February 25 – March 1

Cole Meyer – Band

Cole was one of 16 trumpet students out of hundreds in the state that auditioned and made it into All-State Band this year. Because of this he performed a concert with the Symphonic Band on the stage of Orchestra Hall. All-State band is a blind auditioned based group regardless of class size. Cole put in countless hours in preparation for this event and all of his hard work paid off. Cole is the 6th student from Hutchinson to audition and make it into All-State Band.

Jordan Ludowese – Knowledge Bowl

Jordan has been an extremely valuable member of the Knowledge Bowl team this year. She pushes herself and team to collaborate, being better together for the achievement of the whole group. Jordan is constantly pushing and challenging expectations.

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Hutchinson Public Schools