Required Immunizations to enter 7th Grade

Dear 6th grade Parent or Guardian,

Minnesota Immunization Law requires that by 7th grade children receive additional immunizations for attendance in school.   The required additional immunizations are listed below.



Immunizations that should have been completed prior to entering kindergarten are listed below.

-DTaP (5)                       

-Polio (4)

-Varicella (2)

-Hepatitis B (3)

-MMR (2)

If your child needs immunizations, they can be obtained by your local clinic, or McLeod County Public Health.   7th graders will not be allowed to receive their schedules without the required immunizations, and will be unable to attend school.   No student is required to have an immunization which is contrary to the in conscientiously held beliefs.  To receive this exemption, a conscientious exemption form needs to be completed and notarized.  Please make sure that you fill out ONLY the immunizations you are exempting to in front of the notary. If you need a copy of this form, please contact me.

Please provide the school with an updated immunization record if you have not already done so.   If you have already completed this, please disregard this notice.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Antonia Barrick LSN    320-234-2731

-Immunization Records can be scanned and emailed the HMS school nurse (  or your clinic can fax the records directly to the school 320-587-2857 (fax #)

Hutchinson Public Schools

Hutchinson Public Schools