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Summer Resources

English summer brochure 2019

Spanish Summer brochure 2019



Summer Learning for All

During these summer months, you and your family are encouraged to participate in some fun learning activities to keep skills refreshed. One wonderful opportunity is visiting the Park Elementary Library during each Wednesday throughout the summer, from 8 a.m. through 2 p.m.  Students have the opportunity to get rewarded by reading; the more they read, the more they can earn (additional information can be viewed here)!  In addition, Park is hosting a photo contest.  The rules are as follows:

  • Snap a picture of a Park Elementary student “caught reading”.  Creativity is encouraged!
  • Bring picture to the Library or email image to our Librarian, Naomi Shadis by September 1st.

All photos submitted to the contest may be featured in the morning announcements or online.

The Internet is full of terrific summer learning ideas that appeal to students with different interests and learning styles.  For your convenience, we have compiled different resources below based on content area. Please click and explore!

Arts and Music

On Monday nights, the Library Park is host to various family-friendly music acts. It’s free for all people to attend! Click here to see the flyer.

Check out Hutchinson’s Center for the Arts to see what exhibits are open to the public and what courses are available through the Youth Art Summer Studio!

Hutchinson Farmer’s Market

Click here for the schedule.

Click here for A variety of resources regarding nutrition and healthy food choices for your family.


Created at Stanford University, this website offers interesting and challenging tasks for students to complete based on grade level, concepts, and mathematical topics.

Get busy with your child and do these great hands-on math activities!


With a listing of resources by grades, this site provides targeted and appropriate materials for children.  Podcasts, activities, projects, and digital games are all offered!

Designed for families of English language learners, this site offers informative and engaging learning opportunities for parents and students.


Science is everywhere around us and this site helps get students thinking in a scientific manner.  Follow some of the suggestions and/or activities that can be found in this article.

Energy fuels us in different ways.  Not only is this site extremely informative, it also provides interactive games for K-5 children.


Project Lead the Way compiled some of the best (and fun) ideas to keep children interested in the world of STEM. Click on link to read all 20 ideas!

Pinterest seems to be have an infinite amount of resources when it comes STEM activities. Check out some of the pins that were found by the Girl Scouts of Northern California.


This is a great opportunity for families to craft their own digital stories.

Children can learn more about the earth and its residents through this interactive site.

Recipes, crafts, nature, and summer writing are just some of the categories that parents can look through, while trying to create a meaningful summer for their children!

Have a safe and superb summer!

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