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Homework Tips

Homework Tips for Students and Parents

The students receive a variety of homework, such as a math assignment that is only a few problems or a project that has multiple steps. Each family and student has a variety of obligations, including sports, dance, music lessons, along with many other responsibilities. Here are a few tips that will hopefully make homework fit into your daily schedule with ease.

Time Management: With all the activities and responsibilities that students are involved with, it’s important to schedule a specific time for homework. Make a weekly schedule. First, block off the times that the student is having dinner and sleeping. Next, add the other activities. Then, block off a set time for the student to complete his or her homework. A set schedule can often help one focus easier during the designated homework time. Click to view a time management chart.

Homework Environment: Have a set place for your child to complete his or her homework. Make sure the surface is good for writing on and is at a good height for your child. Having adequate lighting and a place that is free from distractions are also helpful. In the homework environment, make sure you have all the necessary supplies that are needed.

Supplies: Ensuring that your child has all the necessary supplies right at their finger tips during their scheduled homework time will cut down on distractions. If the homework environment is equipped with all the supplies needed (I.e.: pencils, sharpeners, colored pencils, scissors, etc.), the child won’t waste time trying to find the supplies they will need to complete their homework. Thus, your child will have more time to spend completing it.

Dessert: When there are many homework tasks to complete, it can be beneficial to leave the homework that is most fun for last. The fun homework is like the dessert of homework. Complete the tasks that are going to be more time consuming and difficult first and when necessary take a break. Also, consider that while high school students may be able to study for over an hour, first graders may only last for about 15 minutes on a task. Taking a break can be used as a reward after finishing a section of work.

Large Projects: If your child has a multi-step project over along amount of time, break the project down into manageable parts. Create a calendar that gives due dates for each section of the project. This will ensure that the project is completed by the due date, and the project doesn’t become overwhelming.

Parents: Parents can play an active role when it comes to homework, showing an interest in the homework sends a message that learning is important. Parents can call out spelling words, check math problems, and be a cheering section for homework accomplishments. If you believe your child spends many hours doing homework and you are concerned, contacting a school counselor to examine why that might be happening is a great option.


Homework helps the students become independent learners and encourages responsibility. Homework is an extension of the classroom and reinforces what the students are learning at school. The bigger picture is that homework is part of the student’s job and teaches future skills needed for the work world. The homework tips above will hopefully help homework fit into your schedule with ease and make it a positive experience.

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