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Counselors’ Corner

Welcome to the Counselors’ Corner at Park Elementary

Park Elementary has two school counselors that rotate and follow the students from 2nd grade through 5th grade. This allows our school counselors and students to build a great relationship each and every year.

The school counselors assist the students, parents, and school staff in a variety of different ways. School counseling services include individual and group counseling, links to community resources, and help to promote parent and school staff communication. All students receive services through classroom guidance lessons. The counselors cover a range of topics that may vary depending on the needs of the classroom and individual students. Some classroom topics may include: Friendship, Responsibility, Cooperation, Conflict Resolution, and Expressing Feelings. We work with students individually and in small groups on anger management, social skills, bullying, conflict resolution, self-esteem, family change, grief, self-control and academic success. To find out more about the small groups we offer here at Park Elementary please visit the link titled student support groups.

Here at Park Elementary School, it is the goal of the school counseling program to ensure that students are given the tools needed to develop strong character and responsible decision-making skills through collaboration of students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

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