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Homework and Behavior

Homework and Behavioral Expectations

Homework is an important piece of the learning process. Just like students who are learning a musical instrument need to practice to become proficient, students learning new academic skills also need to practice to achieve at a higher level. Homework will be assigned most days, possibly in multiple subjects. Students who make good use of their time at school or who are naturally stronger in that subject area may have little to no homework while students who have difficulties with attention and staying on-task or who struggle in that subject may have about an hour of homework nightly on average.

We try to schedule numerous reward days throughout the year tied to students’ levels of respect and responsibility. There will be a “ticket” stapled in the back of their homework journal with boxes inside it. If a student is misbehaving, does not have his/her work done, or comes to class unprepared; a teacher may sign one of the boxes. If all of the boxes are signed in a given period (usually six weeks), the student will likely lose their reward day.

As parents, please check your child’s homework journal each evening for a review of the day, teacher’s notes, and for any assignments and their due dates.

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