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Specialists at Park

Art specialist is Melissa Ovadje.

Following the MN State Art Standards, our art program provides learning experiences using the elements and principles of design in a variety of media.  We integrate the art disciplines of creative expression, aesthetic perception, art criticism, and art history and culture throughout our program.  Each student participates in a 50 minute class session every four days.

Physical Education specialists are Bonnie Hahn and Nikki Juergensen.

All students participate in the physical education program.  The purpose of the program is to provide a variety of movement experiences while emphasizing participation, skill development and improvement, and good sportsmanship.  Children are scheduled with one of the two physical education specialists every other day for 30 minutes.

Music specialists are Judy Hoeft and Emma Newton.

The goal of classroom music at Park Elementary School is for children to learn, discover, and experience a variety of cultures and musical styles while enhancing their personal music skills.  Our mission is to promote social, intellectual and emotional development through music.  Students participate in a 30-minute music class every other day.

Head Librarian is Johanna Hanneman and our Technology Integration Specialist is Jason Durheim.

Our media center serves as a resource in several ways.  Classrooms are scheduled into the media center for 30 minutes once every four days for book check-out and author studies/SRC testing.  The media center is also open to classes coming in with their teacher for research activities.

Science/Technology Lab specialist is Masey McDowell.

Our Science Lab focuses on hands-on science experiments with a technology focus.  Science is the active study of nature, its structures and its processes.  Our students use their senses and tools to observe, record and analyze data about the natural world.  The curriculum focuses on the Minnesota Science Standards which include the following areas: history and nature of science, earth and space science, physical science, and life science.  Students participate in the science lab for 30 minutes per four days.  The goal of the program is to create scientifically literate young people who can understand phenomena, solve problems, and use technologies as tools for learning.

Keyboarding staff includes many of our specialist teachers.  Students use a web-based program called Type to Learn.  This program highlights technique, ergonomics, and key location by allowing students to emphasize concept development instead of focusing on key location.  Type to Learn provides additional benefits including improvements in spelling, writing, and reading comprehension.  Click on the following text to read a letter from Mr. Olberg that explains this program in a little more detail.  Letter to Parents

Gifted/Talented Program

Park Specialists will instruct students in our high potential program serving gifted and talented children.

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