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School Programs

Student Crossing Patrol

Student Crossing Patrol members play an important role in pedestrian safety.  This is a leadership opportunity for 4th and 5th graders at Park Elementary School.  Crossing Patrol members assist pedestrians in crossing the street safely to and from school.  When school is in session, they are positioned at four crossings surrounding the building from 8:20 to 8:40 in the morning and from 3:20-3:40 in the afternoon.  Crossing Patrol members are identified by the blaze orange vests or bright green rain ponchos while carrying the blaze orange flags.  Drivers are asked to heed the warnings of the orange patrol flags and come to a complete stop when students are approaching or are in the crosswalk.

There are eight 5th grade captains that are chosen from those nominated at the end of their 4th grade year for their demonstrated leadership.  These students attend a week-long summer camp at Legionville near Brainerd.  Many thanks to the Hutchinson American Legion for sponsoring our captains and our program.

Fourth and Fifth grade students wishing to be patrol members are required to attend a training session early in the school year and thereafter are scheduled as part of a team to papatrol throughout the school year.  Patrol members should plan to be on duty during their scheduled time unless it is lightning or the temperature/wind chill is below zero.

Student Council

Student Council is another leadership opportunity for fourth and fifth grade students at Park.  There are two representatives from every fourth and fifth grade classroom chosen to represent not only their classroom but also a partner second or third grade classroom.  In this way, all students have input into various aspects of the school in the democratic process.  It is an honor to represent the student body, and it is also a responsibility as members must consider not only their own personal ideas, but also the ideas of fellow classmates.  The Student Council meets on the last Monday of the month, before school from 8:00-8:45 in the cafeteria.

Student Council members also help to operate the School Store, which is open to students during their recess times on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the second week of each month.  Students pre-plan their purchases with a limit of $2.00, and Student Council members manage the sale of the merchandise under the supervision of parent volunteers.

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