Gifted and Talented

Academic Enrichment

Park’s Gifted and Talented program is a half-time program that is run by a certified resource teacher.  The program operates throughout the school year.  The program has two main components: pull-outs and “puddle”.

  1. Pull-outs are classes in specific subjects or topics to enhance and extend learning for students who have demonstrated achievement and aptitude in that particular area.  Typically students in pull-out classes are identified as being the top 10% of their class in that subject.  Students who participate in these classes are those who score at the top of the NWEA testing and whose scores on testing done within the G/T department show strong aptitude for learning in that subject area.  For some classes, teachers recommend students based upon their in-class work and success.  Many of these classes are taught by the G/T resource teacher, some are taught by other staff members, or volunteers.
  2. “Puddle” is a once-a-week class for students in the top 5% of their class academically and who demonstrate achievement and aptitude in more than one area.  Puddle activities are designed to challenge students across a number of intellectual domains (math smart, music smart, art smart.)  In addition to providing fun and challenging activities, children also have an opportunity to work and socialize with their academic peers.
Student participants in the Geography Bee awaited the next, challenging question.

Student participants in the Geography Bee awaited the next challenging question.

Hutchinson Public Schools

Hutchinson Public Schools