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PROBLEM: Students who are involved in Band/Choir and World Languages have full schedules through their junior years. In order to create space to take an elective, students could consider various summer options to allow them to do so during the school year.

SOLUTION: We’re offering a summer option for students with full schedules. This is above and beyond the fifteen courses they can fit in. This summer through XTERM, we are offering an additional course option for students to take as a hybrid. A hybrid is a class that is part in-class, and part online. This generally benefits three types of students: Band/Choir, Language combos, and 3-term math students. The proposal aims to do this at each level. Alg B for incoming 9th graders that are looking to “catch up”, sophomore Health, junior Economics or Government and senior Geography.

(This is a program designed for students to take a summer course to help fit in electives, to help take something advanced or just to be engaged academically during the summer months. These courses are offered as options and are not required. Students will pay $99 for each course in the XTERM pilot. They are only able to enroll for one courses this summer during the pilot phase. There is an enrollment limit of 24 students for each course. This summer, first-come, first-served. Deadline for enrollment, and a decision on whether we’ll offer the courses will be on Monday, June 1.



Classes would be offered two days per week (Tues/Thurs) for eight weeks from 9-10:30am beginning Tuesday, June 9. Students will need to attend at least 18 hours of in-class time to get a passing grade. Classes will be held for ninety minutes each session. The last classroom session would be held July 30. All work remaining in the course would be held online. Coursework would be completed and final grades submitted by Thursday, September 3. Please sign up by completing the attached registration form by Monday, June 1.

Upon Board Approval on 6-8-15, we will run four summer school hybrid classes beginning in June. These courses are:

  •   Intermediate Algebra B/C for 8 th Graders,
  •   Health for 9 th Graders,
  •   Economics and Geography for 10 th and 11 th Graders.
  •   All of those grades are based on CURRENT grade.



Please see the enclosed flyer to enroll.

XTERM Sign up form

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