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ISD 423 Program Plan for eLearning Days

Students in grades 6-12 at Hutchinson Middle School and Hutchinson High School have received an eLearning assignment grid from their teacher. The grid will be utilized in the event of an eLearning day, which the district has scheduled to take place for grades 6-12 during snow days in the 2018-19 Academic Calendar. Activities on your student’s grid will contain activities that are related to course themes, goals and outcomes for each subject area. Teachers will also distribute to students any necessary materials needed to complete these activities outside of school.

Students in grades K-5 at West Elementary and Park Elementary will have a regular snow day if school is cancelled. They will have school on the next available make up day following the snow day. Students in grades 6-12 would not attend school on make up days.

Snow Make Up Dates
1st Snow Day – February 15, 2019
2nd Snow Day – June 6, 2019
3rd Snow Day – June 7, 2019

eLearning Assignments by School

The eLearning expectations for your student are posted at the links below by grade level and school.

Hutchinson Middle School: Each grade level has compiled their own assignment grid. Complete activities based on your grade level.

Hutchinson High School: Students in grades 9-12 are to complete activities based on the eLearning Day Plan located at the link below.

Access to Materials

Some activities listed in each grid will require the use of a device, while others will utilize paper-based resources that a student may find at home. It will be given to students digitally through Google Classroom (with embedded links) and on paper in the form of an eLearning packet. Students should keep a copy at home in the event of a snow day. Parents and students may visit www.isd423.org/snowday for more information at any time.

Teacher Contact Information

Please contact your student’s teacher with any questions, as they will be available by phone or email during an eLearning day. You may locate their contact information by clicking below.

Considerations for eLearning Days

  • Teacher feedback will be given on all student work submitted during an eLearning day.
  • If students do not submit work during the eLearning day, or the next day when they return to class, they will be marked unexcused for that class. They may choose to submit work up to two days following an eLearning day to change the status of their absence.


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