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Device Recommendations

The type of device we recommend that families invest in would be the Chromebook. This device is fairly cost effective, averaging around $150, and has a life of about 3 years. The device does everything that we would need it to do in an educational setting by providing web access on our district’s wireless internet connection and allowing for a single sign-on utilizing the student’s school Google Apps for Education account. Accounts are managed through the district, so we are able to control and monitor what your student has access to while regulating elements such as email and blocked websites. We are also able to push out helpful applications, websites and extensions that teachers request for easy access during class. Students benefit from having a full keyboard, and parents don’t have to worry about maintaining a device with an operating system or hard drive. For more information about the Chromebook, please click here.

We recommend keeping an eye on prices, as these devices do go on sale from time to time. You can purchase them online, or from local retailers like TargetBest Buy and BusinessWare Solutions.

If you prefer to send a different type of device, please ensure that the device meets the requirements listed below to ensure a good experience for your student.


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