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When does the school day begin and end? 
For the 2018-19 school year, classes begin at 7:35 and end at 2:20.


Who can leave the campus during lunch time? 
During the 2018-19 school year, 9-12 do not have open lunch; they dine in the school cafeteria. The only time students will be able to leave campus is for a Released Time lunch on Thursdays at Crosspoint Church across the street.


What do I have to do if I have to drop something off for my student?
If your student asks you to bring something in to school for them, please remind them to stop and pick it up in the office.  There is a drop-off spot in the office for items to be picked up by students.  We will not interrupt classes to deliver items or notes.  Students must stop between classes to pick up the item.

How can I leave a message for my student?
 We will make every effort possible to get a message to a student.  If it is a life and death emergency, students will be contacted ASAP.

How many credits are needed for graduation?  Students must have 28 credits to earn a diploma.

How do I know which guidance counselor works with my student?  Mr. Ellefson is the counselor for students with a last name of A-Ha, Ms. Delgado works with students He-Pa, and Mr. Hoffman is the counselor for Pe-Z.

What date is graduation this school year?  Graduation Day is Friday, June 7th, time TBD.

I am interested in enrolling in Hutchinson High School.  Who should I contact?  Register with Kristin Nelson at Central Office, 320-234-2610.  She will then refer you to Monica Wehler, Counseling Secretary, at 320-234-2641.


How do I know when a high school event is scheduled?  If it is a sporting event, check the Activities Page for a link for schedules –  For all other events, check the calendar page of our website.

Where do I get the forms to register for athletics? Registration is done on Fee Pay, you can find a link on our website under athletics.

Is it okay for my student to bring a visitor to school?  Students who want to bring a visitor to school need to get permission from the assistant principal at least two school days before the visit.  No visitors are allowed the first or last week of the trimester, the week before a break or the last two weeks of the school year.


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