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TigerPath 9th Grader Planner

TigerPath 9th Grade Planning Tool

Over the past few years, we have been working on a diversified curriculum to connect with future education and employment. This initiative is called TigerPath. These academies are created with the idea of merging traditional education with hands-on experiences rooted in real-world workforce opportunities. Listed here are the elective courses available to 9th grade students. We strongly urge you to take electives from your TigerPath. Most importantly, when you are choosing an elective within TigerPath, we also recommend that you take one, both, or all three if they are offered.

Mathematics: (2 courses) Geometry, Algebra or CORE (these will be loaded for you)

Science: (2 courses): PS Chemistry and PS Physics (these will be loaded for you)

English: (2 courses): Eng 9A and Eng 9B (these will be loaded for you)

Social Studies: (1 course): US History 9 (this will be loaded for you)

Careers (1 course): Your TigerPath choice will select your Careers class (we will load that based on your choice)

CHOICE 1: Are you going to be in Music, or not?


Band                Choir                Band/Choir                                          None

CHOICE 2: How many trimesters would you like to do this? (circle)                        1          2          3

CHOICE 3: Do you plan on attending a 4-year college, or just interested in another language?

            World Languages

Spanish I          German I          Chinese I          Other-ITV or Online     None

CHOICE 4: All freshmen will have a TigerPath. This can be changed at any time.

Hutchinson HS is building around TigerPath. Read the descriptions of the pathways, consider your strengths, and then list your preference for your TigerPath. 



AFNR Companion Animals                            AFNR Horticulture

Design 3D:

ART Intro to Art                                               TECH: Drafting Projections


ECH Woodworking I                                       TECH Intro to Welding


TECH Drafting Projections                            TECH Intro to Welding



ENG Interpersonal Communication            BUS Computer Apps (changed)                   BUS MS Word 2013


ENG Interpersonal Communication            FACS: Teen Issues                                         FACS: Textiles & Designs

SciHI (Science/Healthcare)

HPE First Aid


ENG Interpersonal Communication           ART Intro to Art

HPE Strength & Conditioning or                HPE Female Strength and Conditioning I


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