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ISD 423 Graduation Requirements

Hutchinson High School Graduation Requirements:

Students will be required to complete the following graduation requirements as outlined by the State of Minnesota and the Hutchinson Board of Education. Students shall earn a minimum number of required and elective credits outlined below.

Course Distribution Requirements


Credits Required
English 4
Social Studies 3.5
Science, Mathematics 3 each
Fine Art/Physical Ed. 1 each
Health/Careers .5 each
Core Requirements 16.5
Elective Requirements 11.5
Total Credits Required 28

Science – All students need to have 1.0 cr in Biology and 1.0 cr in Physics or Chem. If you’re not taking a yearlong Chem/Phys your junior year, you will take both Natural Physics and Natural Chemistry as a junior.

Physical Education – At least 1.0 credits total, 0.5 cr must be earned in a Fitness course.

Fine Arts Requirement – At least 1.0, please see Fine Arts requirements.

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