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Credit Options

A student may receive .5 credits for each course successfully completed. Students may receive a credit under two options.

The first is through credit recovery. Under this model, a student who has previously taken a course and didn’t receive a passing grade will take a diagnostic test to determine which portion of that course he/she still needs to meet proficiency to achieve credit in the course. Course work based upon this diagnostic test will be created. In addition to course work being created from the diagnostic test, the teacher will also look at what work wasn’t completed in the initial failed course to determine what work still needs to be completed to achieve credit. In the credit recovery model, a grade of “S” (satisfactory) or NC (no credit) will be awarded. An “S” carries no GPA weight.

The second option is for a student to take the entire course again to receive a letter grade of A, B,C, D or F. This letter grade will carry a GPA weight.



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