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Head Lice

Information on head lice

Head Lice are a normal part of childhood. Surveys report 1 in 10 school aged children have had lice at any one time.


The school does NOT send home letters if a student in your child’s class has lice. Random head checks are NOT performed at school.


If your child gets Head Lice DO NOT be discouraged. Here are some videos to help in the process.




Please contact the Health Office at your school for any questions.

Checking your child once a week will help in early detection and treatment. Lice go through a short lifecycle, however they reproduce quickly and can lay multiple eggs (nits) a day. Their quick reproduction and difficult detection can cause lice to be left unidentified for weeks or months.

It can take up to 2 weeks to get rid of Lice with proper treatment, this is due to the life cycle of Lice.

Information regarding head lice can be found through the CDC at

Additional videos for helpful information and education.

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