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School Improvement

Excellence in Academics, Activities, and Character

Hutchinson Public Schools believe that…

  • Relationships are essential for student success
  • All students learn
  • A culture of high expectations is critical
  • A meaningful and challenging curriculum is vital

It is the goal of the District to:

  1. Focus on individual student growth to maximize college and career opportunities.
  2. Build positive relationships within our schools and community.
  3. Manage our resources efficiently and effectively.
  4. Provide a safe and functional environment.

Hutchinson Public Schools are committed to continuous improvement in all areas of the district’s school operations. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best education possible for all students. There is no greater end than high student achievement and life-long success for our students.

At the heart of our continuous school improvement model are our core values. The goals and associated strategies have been strategically developed, based on our core values, to assist us in our mission. These strategies will be implemented, monitored, adjusted when necessary, and measured for growth. Our school improvement model allows for specific focus on areas of concern and a deep understanding and alignment of short-term and longitudinal results.

Effective change and school improvement takes commitment and teamwork. School board and administrative leadership, school staff support, and the students and stakeholders of the district need to see the value of a world class education system. School improvement initiatives force us to think creatively, take responsible professional risks and be innovative.

Public education has been regarded as the great equalizer and is an essential value of our democracy. It is of great importance that we have high expectations of all students regardless of race, color, gender or income.

Hutchinson Public Schools

Hutchinson Public Schools