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Previously Asked Questions:

How has the outcome of the state legislative session impacted school finances?
There was four months of legislative debate with no education bill. Recent history of aid payment shifts: 2008-2009 90-percent of the payment was made in the current year with the remaining 10-percent paid the following year; 2009-2010 is a 73/27-percent shift; and 2010-2011 will be a 70/30-percent shift. The legislature has changed the legislative language for when the state is experiencing a cash flow shortage from “shall” to “may” in regards to borrowing money first from the education funds. Although the district is fortunate that funding has not been reduced, aid payment shifts and delays do affect the districts cash flow and interest income potential.

What is the ISD #423 School Foundation?

  • The Foundation was formed in the spring of 2008.
  • Money is raised through private donations and will be used to enhance the education experience of students.
  • The Board consists of seven members; meetings are held quarterly.
  • The Foundation started with two primary funding sources: direct mailings soliciting donations and payroll deductions from district staff. The Blackboard Review was revived in 2010. Proceeds from the show are designated to the Foundation’s endowment fund.
  • The Foundation will be able to award five-percent of the endowment earnings each year. Awards will be made through an application process.
  • The Foundation also has an operating fund which was a gift from the I.J. Burich Foundation.
  • Donations can be made by anyone at anytime.
    The ISD #423 School Foundation will be an effective way to help fund innovative program

At School Board meetings, why are the public comments limited to agenda items?
The School Board is required to publish the meeting agenda 72 hours in advance. If issues are allowed to be presented that are not on the agenda, members of the community have no notice and would miss out on the discussion.

Is the District spending tax payer dollars on street banners?
The banner campaign was initiated by the District’s Public Relations Committee to promote Tiger Pride in the community. It was financed primarily through donations from Booster Clubs, the company that printed the banners for the District, several volunteers that sewed the banners, and the District’s partnership with the City of Hutchinson.

Why is participation in extracurricular activities important to a student’s education?
Participation in extracurricular activities provide students with character development opportunities. Additional benefits included: the ability to build relationships through teamwork as well as with teachers and coaches; improved academic performance; fewer behavior problems; and learned skills that students will use throughout their lifetime.

What decision making process does the School District use to determine school closings due to inclement weather?
Weather, road and driving conditions are monitored by the Superintendent and bus company representative by driving the District, weather reports from local media, information from road condition experts, and through communication with a local meteorologist. Once the Superintendent makes a decision to close school, have a late start or early closing, radio and television stations are notified. The radio stations include KDUZ, KARP and WCCO am. The television stations notified include WCCO-4, FOX-9, KSTP-5, KARE-11.

The safety of our students is the number one priority when making the decision to close school, start late, or close early. Parents always have the right to keep their children home because of weather conditions.



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