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Strategies & Key Practices for Successful Distance Learning

By Anne Broderius, West Elementary Principal

COVID19 has changed the way we live, work, and learn. Many parents/guardians are now required to juggle the demands of several new and very important roles for children. All of us are in the position to possibly make major adjustments to our daily routines and for many families this includes creating the conditions for children to continue their education in the home. It’s our goal to continue to cultivate a love for learning even if we aren’t inside the traditional school walls.

Here are some strategies and key practices for a successful distance learning experience:

  • Distance learning will be very different from being at school full time. It’s important to establish similar types of routines and schedules used in the traditional classroom.
  • Set up a quiet, dedicated work space for your child away from TV and other distractions. Ensure all of the necessary materials are accessible, organized and ready for the day. During work time, eliminate access to phones, social media and video games.
  • Students should continue with morning and bedtime routines including getting up and going to bed at regular school day times. Encourage them to complete the same daily personal hygiene routines (i.e.showering, brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc.) as if they were going to school.
  • With your child’s input, create a schedule for the day. Include time for breakfast, lunch, snack breaks, outside time to get fresh air, exercise, acts of kindness and even include household chores. You should not expect your child to be in front of a computer for extended periods of time. Having a schedule for your child’s day from the start of the distance learning time will be critical.
  • Distance learning is new for your child’s teacher too. Each day you should expect to connect with your child’s teacher. This might include completing an activity and sharing the work, a phone call, an email, responding to a daily question. Attendance will be taken each school day and your child’s participation each day is expected.
  • Read-Read-Read. Some of our best learning is done through reading and conversation about what we read.
  • Set up motivators and rewards for completing educational tasks each day. Include breaks or time to connect with friends over the phone or social media for getting some of the learning tasks completed. Children like to set and accomplish personal goals.
  • Come up with ways to share back with your teacher what your child is learning and new things they are trying. This will be fun and help to inspire others who are on the same journey.

During the distance learning period, it will be important to stay connected with school staff such as the building principal, counselor or nurse. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or share concerns you have about your child. We are all in this together and ready to support your child along the way.

If you are also expected to work from home this may feel overwhelming. We all care deeply about being the best parent and employee we can be, and know this will feel stressful at times. Lean on your support network of adults, give yourself and others grace, and trust that we’re all doing the best that we can.

Finally, remember children are like mirrors and they reflect our attitudes about life. Be patient and know this will take time for both home and school to master well. Consider approaching this with the spirit of a learner and adventurer, and be open to doing things differently.

Middle School MCA Testing Dates

HMS MCA Testing will be starting soon!

Middle School Students will be testing starting March 17th through May 7th.

During this time we really try to limit class and/or testing interruptions.  We cannot interrupt a class, unless it is an emergency.  If at all possible please try to limit appointments and time away from school during testing time!  

Here is the most current out line for Testing Dates:

March 17-19 -8th Grade MCA Reading Testing

March 17 -8th Grade MTAS Reading Testing

March 19-7th Grade MTAS Reading Testing

March 24-27- 6th Grade MCA Reading Testing

March 25 -8th Grade MTSA Science Testing

March 31-April 2- 7th Grade MCA Reading Testing

March 31-8th Grade MTAS Math Testing

April 2-7th Grade MTAS Math Testing

April 7-9 – 8th Grade MCA Math Testing

April 14-16 – 6th MCA Math Testing

April 21-23 – 7th Grade MCA Math Testing

May 5-7 – 8th Grade MCA Science Testing


If your student will be gone for any reason during their testing dates, please notify the office as soon as possible to make arrangements.

James and the Giant Peach

Middle School Conferences

Winter Conferences at Hutchinson Middle School will be on Thursday, February 13th from 3:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.  and Friday, February 14th from 7:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Parents should see an email from their student’s Academic Homeroom Teacher regarding information and a link to sign up for a conference time using SignUp Genius.


Teenagers Advice to their Parents

Teenagers Advice to their Parents
on Drug Prevention and How to Communicate  Effectively

By Carmen Morrow, Chemical Health Prevention Specialist

Navigating the drug world can be very difficult these days. Ask any teenager and most can tell you the reasons why teens use, the availability of drugs in our community, and even rattle off the health and repercussions of use. However; if you want to see teenagers become passionate, ask them if they feel their parents talk to them about drugs in an effective manner that helps them avoid drug use. Sometimes the best advice to parents comes from their own teenagers.

When talking about drug use, teens agree that parents that initiate open conversations and  listen without judgement have the best results. Conversations that place blame or shame behavior are not as effective in keeping communication lines open as talks that focus on drug use as a health issue. Tone matters when communicating and broaching addiction. Teens say they respond best to open conversations that are without threats, dire warnings and accusations. It’s important to note that teens hanging out with healthy friends are motivated to do well and stay away from drugs just to fit in with a group. Teens feel their parents should set clear boundaries and expectations. A clear and consistent message can help deter your teens drug use. Be clear what the rules are, and what’s going to happen if they break the rule. If a teen lives in two different households, parents should agree to the same rules about drugs.

Teens say parents need to understand that drug use and mental health usually go hand in hand. Anxiety and depression are two common mental health issues teens try to suppress with drugs. Drug abuse prevention can start without even mentioning drugs if you address the root of the use. They suggest parents should focus on teaching their children how to build healthy coping skills, emotional awareness and resilience. It’s about building resiliency as many teens turn to drugs to self-medicate, self-soothe or escape. Teens state they are watching and noticing how their parents deal with stress. Parents should try to set a good example of healthy coping skills and avoidance of drugs and drink in moderation. Parents should continue to be active in helping enhance positive connections to healthy peers, adults, organizations, and sports.

Most teenagers agree that the drug talk is very necessary especially in light of the confusion with CBD and potential legalization of marijuana. If a teen is caught with drugs, or even suspected of using, they recommend parents don’t wait to act. They state that while initial drug use may be a voluntary decision, it becomes less and less of a choice as addiction takes over. Parents may have the best buy in when they point out real-life examples. Parents should point out the real-world dysfunction of drug use/addiction in a neutral way, with the cause and effect. Talking openly about who they might know who may have had a problem, or who currently has a problem. Families with a history of mental issues or addiction problems should communicate to children that they are at a higher risk of developing a substance abuse problem.

There’s good news for our parents and teens that are navigating the drug world of today. The majority of teens are not using drugs or using alcohol, according to the annual 2019 Monitoring the Future Study.

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Congratulations TigerBots!

The TigerBots competed in the First Tech Challenge in Lakeville.

Our TigerBots did very well going into finals in first place but ended up getting beat by 1 point.

Bond Referendum Election Results

The school district greatly appreciates the community support that was evident based on the positive outcome of the bond referendum election, with 1630 “yes” votes to 1512 “no” votes. This is a great day for the children of our community and the future of our school district. Our school district is committed to building school facilities that will serve our community and students into the future and will be a source of community pride.

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