Community Flu Vaccination Clinics

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Park Elementary & Middle School

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

10:30 am to 2:00 pm
West Elementary & High School

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Tigers of the Week: Bella Conn & Tristan Hoppe

Our TIGERs of the Week for September 16 – 20 are Bella and Tristan:

Bella Conn – Cross Country

Bella has been a great leader this year for the cross country team. She gives her best effort in meets and at practice. Her hard work is paying off as she has dropped over a minute and a half from last year’s 5k times. She has also been one of our top varsity finishers all season.

Tristan Hoppe – Football

Tristan is a starting linebacker for the Tigers.  He is a quiet leader who has the ability to lift up all around him by the way he practices and plays.  He treats his teammates with the utmost respect and is always happy when his teammates succeed.

Activities: September 16-21, 2019

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Tiger Pride!

Being a TIGER of a Parent

By Thayne Johnson, Activities Director

There has been a lot of attention lately given to the behavior of adults who are in attendance at their child’s sporting events. We spend so much time educating our kids on how we want them to behave, we may lose sight of how our behavior can sometimes impact them.

In the Hutchinson School District, we educate our kids on what it looks like, sounds like, and means to be a TIGER. Using those same five characteristics of Tenacity, Integrity, Gratitude, Effort, and Respect, how can we as adults be a TIGER in the stands and on the sidelines?

Tenacity – Our students learn that tenacity means not giving up, even when things are stacked against them. This can hold true in the classroom, in athletics, and in fine arts activities. As parents, how can we support tenacity? Has there been a time when you had to persevere in your own life? Perhaps sharing that story with your child when they come home frustrated after a practice is just what they need to overcome their self-doubt. By sharing your story of determination, you have just reinforced our first characteristic.  

Integrity – For our students, integrity means playing the game with honesty. Earlier this fall, I received an email from a parent from another school that applauded the integrity shown by some of our girls tennis players.  Tennis is a game played with no officials, where the girls must make judgement calls on their own. In this case, our girls made a difficult call that gave a point to the other team. The parent of the opposing team, took time to recognize the honesty displayed by our players. As parents, we have the responsibility of teaching our children to act with integrity even when the decision we make may cost us.

Gratitude – We encourage our students to thank their teammates, coaches, and school staff on a daily basis. Every day, we are fortunate enough to cross paths with a multitude of people who impact our lives in a variety of ways. It may be in the classroom or on the field, but it’s important for those people to know that we are thankful for them. It’s important that we also take time to reflect on what and who we are thankful for.

Effort – There is no question that good effort gets rewarded. The student who studies extra for a test, practices their solo one more time, or shoots those extra free throws, will see a positive result in the end. We need to display that same amount of effort in our daily responsibilities for our children to see that hard work truly does pay off.

Respect – This may be the most crucial aspect of being a TIGER, and it’s often the most difficult to display.  In today’s world of “me-first” highlights, there is much credit given to those who disrespect their opponent. However, nothing will gain a student more worthwhile recognition than when they show respect to their adversary. A simple handshake or fistbump shows the other person that you appreciate them and that you can identify with what they are going through. As we go through our life, how can we show respect to those we meet and those we interact with on a daily basis? Although we may not always agree, it’s important that we respect each other. 

In closing, I encourage you to continue to display the characteristics of being a TIGER so that we can be a good example for our students to follow.

Tiger of the Week: Jaiden Mezera

Congrats to Jaiden, our TIGER of the Week

Jaiden Mezera – Girls Swim and Dive

Jaiden placed first in both individual events at the Watertown duel meet. She is off to a great start of the season. She had an outstanding performance in the opening meet and continued that with wins in the 200 IM and 500 freestyle at Watertown. She is a hard worker and does not allow adversity to hinder her goal minded focus. She gives her best effort in every practice and is always grateful for the opportunities she has.

Activities: September 9-13, 2019

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Tiger Pride!

Activities: September 2-6, 2019

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Tiger Pride!

Activities: August 26-30, 2019

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Tiger Pride!


Tutors:  The District does not endorse or recommend specific tutors; however, a list of people providing tutoring services is available.

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For Sale – $35,000


Hutchinson Public Schools is selling its tiny home built by the Construction Trades students during the 2018-2019 school year for $35,000.

Interested parties should contact Rebecca Boll, Finance Director, at 320-234-2615, for specifications, showings, and sale criteria.

Buyer responsible for removal. Certified checks only. Sales tax is the buyer’s responsibility. All sales final and home sold “as is.”

Hutchinson Public Schools

Hutchinson Public Schools