Tiger Football – 11/14/19

Hutch Tigers take on SMB
4:30 pm – November 14 – US Bank Stadium
Game Tickets – Tickets must be purchased online at https://legacy.mshsl.org/tickets/.  (There are no pre-sale tickets available at the high school)

Fan Bus – The High School will be offering a fan bus to the football game on Thursday, November 14.  Sign up in the activities office by 3:00 on Wednesday, November 13.  Cost of the bus will be $5.  The bus will leave the east lot at 2:35 on Thursday.

Always Earned, Never Given


Tutors:  The District does not endorse or recommend specific tutors; however, a list of people providing tutoring services is available.

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Tiger Football Send Off – Nov. 8

Tiger Football Fans – Cheer on the team as they head for the State Tournament!

Friday, November 8. The team bus will leave HHS at 1:45 pm.

Come to downtown Main Street, wear your Tiger gear, grab your cowbells & give them an awesome send off!

Bond Referendum Election Results

The school district greatly appreciates the community support that was evident based on the positive outcome of the bond referendum election, with 1630 “yes” votes to 1512 “no” votes. This is a great day for the children of our community and the future of our school district. Our school district is committed to building school facilities that will serve our community and students into the future and will be a source of community pride.

Tigers of the Week: Freshman Musical Musicians

Congratulations to our TIGERs of the Week, the Freshman Musical Musicians:

Freshmen Musical Participants
Front Row:  Elizabeth Krumrie, Reece Gartner, Olivia Kosel
Back Row:  Matthew Hagel, Arthur Gonzalez, Rowan Jordahl, Jack Matheny

The Freshmen class of Musical Students is ridiculously strong this year and so important to the overall success of the musical. Without them, Mary Poppins wouldn’t have been near the production it was and we are so thankful to have them. They embraced the tougher schedule and the demands of the production and did it with a fun spirit. With their spirit, the musical will benefit for many years from their talent.

Tiger Football Game Tickets & Fan Bus

Hutch Tigers take on Fridley
6pm – November 8 – Hopkins High School
Game Tickets – There are pre-sale tickets available for Friday night’s state quarter final game starting Monday, November 4. You can stop in the high school activities office from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm to purchase tickets. Ticket prices are $11 for adults and $7 for students.

Fan Bus – You can also sign up to ride the fan bus to the game. The cost for the bus will be $5.  Deadline for bus sign up will be Thursday, November 2, at noon. The fan bus is for students and parents. Any student under 9th grade needs to have an adult with them. The bus will leave at 3:45 pm from HHS.

Always Earned, Never Given

Activities: November 4-9, 2019

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Tiger Pride!

New – Reserved Seating for Mary Poppins

*** New Reserved Seating ***

Tickets now include reserved seating!
Order your tickets online, select your seats, skip the line at the door.
Tickets will be available at the door; however, your preferred seats may already be sold.

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Activities: October 28 – November 2

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Tiger Pride!

Free College Applications: Oct. 28 – Nov. 1

Free College Applications — and College Knowledge

By Kris Hoffman, Licensed School Counselor, High School

Greetings Hutchinson families! This is officially the first time that I’m being published! While this is personally exciting, it is also very humbling to try and find a way to help prepare our youth for their next step in life. This is my second year at Hutchinson High School, and my 7th year as a school counselor overall, and every day that I come to work with students, I am reminded of a quote by Benjamin Franklin- “I didn’t fail, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.”

In thinking about this quote, I think more about the experience of failure and how it prepares us for success; because, to me, the dread of failure isn’t what this quote is about. Each and every day, every person makes hundreds of decisions from meals to questions from family and friends, or even work decisions. Our kids are no different. Every day I see them walk through our doors with varying levels of excitement and I see the hope and desire for something new and different, or a hope to find something familiar and uncomplicated; but no matter what, there is always that hope to find a way to succeed. And on that journey, every kid must find dozens and dozens of ways that they won’t be able to succeed. Success is usually not built from one tangible decision or one moment in time, it is the sum of our experiences that lead us to that next step in life.

For our seniors, there is an opportunity I’m excited about. October is College Knowledge Month, put on by the MN Department of Education. During October we highlight preparing seniors for life after high school. Here at HHS, we’ve already covered a lot of topics regarding different applications, parent workshops, and even working on resumes. But, the thing I’m most excited about is Oct. 28- Nov 1st. Most Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (37 of them!) are letting students submit FREE applications to each one of those schools during this week. So, instead of $20-$50 per school application fee, each student is saving more than a few bucks just on application fees alone. There are a few schools that do still charge in the state of MN, but a majority of them have committed to help our students prepare for life after High School.

College Knowledge Month is not just about attending a 4-year university, and I am very thankful for that. Did you know that only roughly 30% of future jobs will require a bachelor’s degree or higher? Yet, as a society, that is the gold standard of what we want our children to get. We, at HHS, encourage students to meet with the military, technical or trade schools, internships, and experiential opportunities that could help a High School graduate start at $70K+ job at the age of 19. We use it to highlight all of the ways that they can succeed, because they’ve worked so hard in finding, through millions and millions of decisions, ways to move forward the way they want to. In life, we all fail, and we all get things wrong. But, at the end of the day, we move forward and we use those failures to help us find the right way to succeed.

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