School Board Meeting: May 28, 2019

The ISD 423 Board of Education will conduct a quarterly meeting on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 beginning at 5:30 pm in the media center at the Hutchinson Middle School.

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Tigers of the Week: Morgan Dean & Ethan Beffert

Morgan Dean – Girls Track and Field

Morgan finished 2nd in the 400 meter dash at the WCC Championship meet. She is a great young leader for the Girl’s Varsity Track and Field Team. She is positive, caring, determined, and dedicated. You can find Morgan at the front of the pack at practice keeping her teammates motivated during tough workouts and staying late and even running again with teammates who are still completing practice. Morgan demonstrates that hard work pays off.

Ethan Beffert – Baseball

Ethan had a big week last week helping the Tigers to 4 wins as he hit .357 with 2 home runs, and 9 RBI in those games. He has been a big part in the success of the Tigers this spring as he has really stepped up as a leader both on and off the field. He takes pride in being tenacious in his training, working on his weaknesses to make himself a better all-around player. His level of respect for his teammates, his coaches, opponents and officials represents all of Hutchinson in a way that we can be proud – the true epitome of the Tiger way!

Activities: May 20 – 25, 2019

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Activities Director – Thayne Johnson, CAA
Phone: 320-234-2698

Administrative Assistant – Amber Larson
Phone: 320-234-2647


Walking School Bus – May 22, 2019

Tigers of the Week: Claire Schweim & Jacob Caspers

Congratulations to Claire and Jacob, our TIGERs of the Week for May 13 – 17

Claire Schweim – Girls Golf

As an 8th grader, Claire has stepped up to fill a a varsity spot and consistently be part of our scoring team. Claire has shown tenacity in overcoming bad shots or rounds and her effort at both practice and competition sets an strong example. She is willing to stay late or practice independently to improve. She is always respectful toward her teammates, competitors, and coaches on the course.

Jacob Caspers – Boys Golf

Jake has been a mainstay on the Boys varsity golf team for four years, and has improved every year.  As a captain, he has been a tremendous leader and role model for the younger kids on the golf team in many ways. He always has an upbeat and positive attitude, and never gives up on the golf course. Jake has represented Hutchinson High School golf with dignity the past four years, and has earned the respect of both his teammates and opponents.

Making a Case for Waiting Until 8th

By Jocelynn Buckentin, Technology Innovation Specialist

Kids these days. This phrase has been uttered by each generation as they progress into adulthood and reflect back on their own childhood. When I think of my own, I remember playing outside until the streetlights came on in the summer. My neighborhood friends and I were kept busy building forts, climbing trees, and exploring the world around us. Children are growing up in a different world than the one experienced by past generations. Technology use is now a given rather than a luxury. Smartphones have become constant companions.

The full impact of being constantly connected has yet to be ascertained, but there are several distressing effects that have come to light in recent years, including the negative impact on the mental health of our children. Early social media use is a contributing factor, as it allows kids to dwell on what their friends are doing without them.

One common pressure faced by families at increasingly younger ages is the question of when to get your child their first cell phone. The day before I left for college, I purchased my first cell phone because I wanted an easy way to keep track of  friends and family. Today, students as young as elementary school begin making this request of their parents. You might hear about how everyone already has one, and how your child doesn’t want to be the only one who doesn’t. The word unfair might be thrown in for good measure.

According to a recent survey given to parents of students in grades 5-12 in Hutchinson Public Schools, 81.7% of parents believe that students should receive their first smartphone between grades 6-9. Just over 31% of parents feel that it is appropriate to introduce smartphones in Grade 6, and 50% of parents wait until their student is in grades 7-9 before purchasing their child a smartphone.

The decision on when to give your child a smartphone is a deeply personal one based on many factors, but typically revolving around the need to be connected. Kids today are busy, and parents need a method for knowing both where their children are and when they might need a ride. This issue alone tips the scales in favor of a cell phone purchase for many families.

There has been a push in recent months for parents around the country to sign a pledge to “Wait Until 8th.” This grassroots movement encourages parents to band together in support of letting kids be kids by delaying the purchase of a smartphone until Grade 8. They argue that smartphone use in childhood is altering the typical childhood experience because kids are choosing to be on devices instead of hanging out with friends, playing outside, or reading.

No matter what each family decides, it is important to weigh all options and avoid the early purchase of a smartphone due to the convenience of adding a child to the family plan. It’s more work to find a flip phone than it is to take advantage of a free smartphone offer, which may be what’s best for the wireless provider but not the child. To sign the pledge and learn more about the potential negative effects of smartphone use in children, visit


Activities: May 13 – 17, 2019

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Activities Director – Thayne Johnson, CAA
Phone: 320-234-2698

Administrative Assistant – Amber Larson
Phone: 320-234-2647



The District does not endorse or recommend specific tutors; however, a list of people providing tutoring services is available.

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Tigers of the Week: Trumpet Ensemble & Clarinet Choir

Congratulations to two of our band ensemble groups, they are our TIGERs of the Week for May 6 – 10:

Trumpet Ensemble – Cole Meyer, Kat Anderson, Bella Maher, Cole Nelson, Rachel Scheele, Kendra White. They received a perfect score at Solo and Ensemble contest. This group was mostly a student driven group and they gave up their lunch time to practice. The piece they performed was a collegiate level piece and required multiple different techniques which are usually above and beyond a typical high school students level.

Clarinet Choir – Emma Trettin, Sarah Skrove, Eavan McCormick, Cecilia Schmitz, Ari Vos, Megan Lipke, Kamia Stoltenberg, Carson Markovic, Veronica Junker. This group received a perfect score at Solo and Ensemble Contest. The work, time, and persistence that this group put in was above and beyond many groups of their peers. With their practice, they were precise and didn’t falter during the performance. The time they spent outside of practices was also what set them apart from their peers.

Information about the District’s Annual Update

The Hutchinson Public School District is needing all parents/guardians to review/update the information that is currently in our Student Information database. In part, the federal government is requiring all of the nation’s school districts to include some new data fields that we need to collect. This is mandatory for all current and new families in order for your children to have an enrollment with us for the 2019-20 school year.

To begin:

  • You are encouraged to complete this update on a computer; mobile devices are not recommended.
  • Log into your Parent Portal first, then select the option that reads “Online Registration” at the bottom left of the home screen. This will direct you to the Online Registration and Verification portal.
  • Click “Begin Registration”.
  • At the end of each student verification there are Release Agreements that pertain to each school. These agreements can be electronically signed and are required to be reviewed every year.

Special note: only one legal guardian can complete the Online Registration. Guardians in separate households can verify this data under Household Information & Family Members in Campus Parent Portal.

Have questions or need to set up a Parent Portal account? Call 320-587-2860 or stop in to our District Office.

Please complete the verification process through your Parent Portal account by Friday, May 31st.

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