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Child Meal Order Form for June 1-3

Orders must be placed by 10 pm on May 31.

June 1 will be the last day of distance learning meals. The summer feeding program will start on Monday, June 8. Look for a new order form on Friday, June 5.

Click Here for Details & Order Forms

Cancelled – School Board Meeting: May 28, 2020

The ISD 423 Board of Education special meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 28, 2020 beginning at 4:00 pm via teleconference has been cancelled.

Due to the declared health pandemic, shelter in place order, and the declared state of emergency in the City of Hutchinson, and pursuant to Minnesota Statute 13D.021, school board meetings will be held by teleconference or other electronic means until further notice. 

The public viewing location for this meeting is the Forum Room at Hutchinson High School. Seating is limited due to social distancing requirements. RSVP is requested. Contact Tina Vorlicek at 320-234-2601 or to RSVP.

Click Here for School Board Agendas

HMS June 3rd Information for Parents and Students

Regarding Material Drop off Day @ Hutchinson Middle School please click on the link below

HMS June 3rd Drop Off Information


If you have any additional questions, please email one of the following office staff for information; (Assistant Principal) (Principal) (Admin Assistant)

HMS Backpack Drive

Has the end of the school year left you with extra backpack at home?

Students in Action will be collecting used backpacks on Wednesday, June 3rd during the scheduled HMS Materials drop off times.

All backpacks will be donated to Operation Hope, a homeless ministry started by Mr. Schmidt (HMS Teacher)

Look for the box labeled Backpacks for Operation Hope and deposit your backpack there 🙂


Thank you

School Board – Agendas, Minutes & Videos

School Board agendas, minutes and videos can be accessed by clicking here.

Hutchinson – We Are In This Together

What We Have Learned from COVID-19
By Brenda Vatthauer, Hutchinson Middle School Principal

Leading during the COVID-19 virus has been challenging for school leaders, teachers, staff, parents and our community on many levels. Despite the uncertainty, our schools and community have rallied and found many ways to continue to positively impact students and help them in ways that extend far beyond the distance learning educational experience. This includes providing food, basic necessities, childcare, the power of relationships and a new daily routine. Educators understand the importance of innovation or trying something new to create better results and teachers have been willing to take that risk. Our community should be proud of the efforts to come together in joint partnership to support students and families with distance learning.

During this time there also have been many questions posed to school leaders about “What does next year look like?” This question is the most challenging to answer right now. First, the data and ripple effect of COVID-19 changes daily and schools must follow the guidelines of our MN State Health officials, Governor Walz and the Commissioner of Education. How do you prepare to lead for an unpredictable future, whether you are an educator, parent or community partner?

As schools, we should be proud of the work we have done during COVID-19 reaching out to many students with creative approaches.  (No one predicted back in August that we would be educating our students through distance learning for a full 12 weeks). What are the essential learnings for each course? What are student needs? What supports are needed? How can we connect with face to face interactions? As educators, there was stress, anxiety, unfamiliar methods yet a “can do” attitude that each adult had within them.  There were days we didn’t have all the answers and that was okay. The key was developing the right questions that could be asked for greater learning together.

As parents, we have had to be flexible and adaptable. Parents learned quickly to be ready for changes and when they happened, parents and caregivers embraced them. Parents handled adversity to support learning at home, even when they worked a full-time job from home, and supported student learning also. Parents also worked out of the home and arrived home to help support their son or daughter in the evening hours. Hutchinson parents have been extremely adaptable. Parents have modeled core principles of education and learning through their home support. Thank-you to all the amazing parents in our Hutchinson community.

Our community has responded with intentional direction and compliance. No single person or business hasn’t had their share of challenges. As a result, the best way to learn together and navigate has been to connect with others (distantly), listen, ask questions and see what can be applied to make the best out of an unasked-for COVID-19 situation. Our community has had to take on different perspectives and accelerate a rate of slow growth, following guidance from state officials. Through the process, our community will be stronger. Hope doesn’t create change, action does. Everyone within the Hutchinson community has something of value to share as we are all connected within this rapid change.

I encourage everyone to think about how they can grow from this process and become better and then apply that moving forward. I have learned how to navigate through this struggle and move forward to a better future focusing on what I can control. There is great hope for our future, the future of our young scholars and the future of Hutchinson schools. Through the connections and stronger relationships developed through COVID-19, we all have adapted and changed. We can choose to go through an experience or grow through it. Change is also an opportunity to do something different and amazing. As an educational entity, we have put our best foot forward through the twelve-week distance learning experience. We will finish the school year stronger together. Hutchinson – We are all in this Together!

Student Meal Preparation Information

Because multiple days of food is packaged together, most entrees are frozen.

Click Here for Heating Instructions & Other Meal Information

2020 Wall of Fame

Activities Director Thayne Johnson is asking for nominations from the community for the 2020 HHS Wall of Fame.

The categories for nomination include Coach/Advisor, Athlete, Fan, Outstanding Graduate, and Fine Arts. The deadline for nominations is May 15, 2020.

Each inductee will have their picture and synopsis displayed at Hutchinson High School.

The induction ceremony will take place prior to the 2020 Homecoming football game.

Nominations can be submitted online – click here. Forms can also be downloaded, completed and mailed – click here to download.

If you have any questions about the Wall of Fame nomination process, please contact Mr. Johnson at 320-234-2698.

HHS Wall of Fame Inductees

Annual Online Enrollment for 2020-2021 is Now Open

The Annual Online Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is now open for returning students.

To begin, log into your Parent Portal and click “More” on the bottom left side. Then select the option that reads “Online Registration” in the middle of the screen.

Then click, “Click here to go to Existing Student Registration”.

Please complete the enrollment process through the Parent Portal by Wednesday, July 15, 2020. Completing this process ensures that your student(s) will be enrolled for the 2020-2021 school year.

Please note that if this isn’t completed, your student will not be able to get their teacher assignment or schedule.

If you have questions or need to set up a Parent Portal account, call 320-587-2860.

Connecting at a Distance

By Jocelynn Buckentin, Technology Innovation Specialist

Social distancing, by its very nature, has caused us to be apart from those in-person human connections that we took for granted. After 6 weeks of being isolated from others, many are starting to feel that absence of connections amplified as we itch for life to return to the way it was. While the future may be uncertain at the moment, there are many ways that we can restore some of those human connections with family and friends while keeping safety in mind.

While we tend to focus first on the academic importance of school, it is equally important to note that kids are missing those same in-person connections as we are. Many teachers have sought to remedy this by providing opportunities for students to chat with their classmates through live class meetings. Many kids are also turning to popular social media apps like TikTok and Snapchat to maintain connections with friends online, but those apps are only open to kids over the age of 13 and are a cause of concern among many parents with fears of inappropriate use and oversharing among others.

There are some safer options out there for parents to consider. Facebook’s Messenger Kids app is a separate but related app to Facebook Messenger. It allows kids too young to join Facebook to use their parents’ Messenger account to interact with a predetermined set of contacts. Parents have full access to their child’s account and must pre-approve who their kids can interact with. Kids, in turn, get to text and video chat with their approved contacts. They can interact through games, photos with fun filters, and stickers. The best part is, parents have a dashboard of controls that allow them to access chat logs, recent contacts, and more. Think of it as social media on training wheels. Parents can think of Messenger Kids as another tool that can help kids maintain friendships at a distance while prioritizing online safety.

While there are online apps that can be used to bring us together, there are others that parents should be wary of. YOLO is a Snapchat Add On that came out around this time last year. It allows teens to add a sticker to their Snapchat Story that asks followers to give them feedback or question them anonymously. The major problem with anonymous apps is that they are “notorious hubs for cyberbullying,” according to Common Sense Media.

Parents can combat the installation of apps like this by enabling protections through apps like Google’s Family Link (for android phones and tablets) or Apple’s Screen Time (for iOS phones and iPads.) Parents can set up time limits, content filters, and increased protections for student account and device use while at home to keep kids safe and help them to navigate the complicated world of the Internet in a guided manner.

Finally, you may choose to seek out connections with friends and relatives at a distance by scheduling weekly zoom chats, or even hosting a family game night online. I am in the process of planning my daughter’s 7th birthday party and my sister-in-law’s baby shower over live video chat, and while I would rather be able to do those things in person, I am thankful for the ability to bring people together in some way, however small that may be.

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