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Tigers of the Week: Pablo Quintana & Allie Fauth

Congratulations to our TIGERs of the Week,
Pablo Quintana and Allie Fauth.
Pablo Quintana – Boys Soccer

Pablo has played nearly every position on the JV soccer team and has seen some minutes on varsity.  He has embraced his current role as a starter on JV and has seen many minutes playing goaltender.

Pablo is a foreign exchange student from Spain.  He has done a great job balancing academics and activities.  He maintains a positive attitude, win or lose.  The way he approaches the game is something that every player can learn from.

Allie Fauth – Volleyball

Last week in the two volleyball matches the team had, Allie led the team in serving, 21 of 24 with 4 ace serves, hitting 49 of 56 with 16 kills and also had 29 digs for the week.

Allie is a team captain who is always striving to make not only herself better but her teammates and the team better. She is constantly motivating her teammates to work harder, cheer them on when they are doing an awesome job, and trying to help them when they are struggling. She puts forth great effort in trying to help others become the best players that they can become. Her always positive attitude, no matter how tough the times are, keeps others motivated to work harder.

Healthy Good Eats for Lunch

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The Bigger Picture and Being a Tiger

The Bigger Picture and Being a Tiger

By Thayne Johnson, Activities Director

Research has shown that involvement in co-curricular activities while in school provides many benefits to those students who are involved.  Being involved helps students feel more connected to their peers, their school, and their community.  Today’s students have many choices when it comes to getting involved in school.  Activities are no longer limited to the traditional sports.  Students in our district have the opportunity to be involved in many different clubs, activities, and athletics.

Involvement in certain activities can reach well beyond your student’s time in high school.  Many of today’s fastest growing activities, in terms of participation, can help students develop skills that could lead into a career.  Activities like the robotics team are a great way for students to develop their technical skills and to explore the world of technical education.  Clubs like trap-shooting, cycling, table tennis, and math league are also great ways for your students to be involved with something and develop skills that they will be able to use as they transition into adulthood.

One of the most important roles that parents of students who participate in activities can play, is to help their kids see the bigger picture of their involvement.  This means that the skills kids take away from being in a club, sport, or activity, will help them be successful members of society.  More important than wins and losses is what our kids learn from the experiences they have as a part of a team.  We need to help students learn from both success and failure, to understand what it’s like to be on both sides of the game.

During the school 2015-16 school year, we brought back a program that recognizes our students for both their accomplishments in activities and for being true examples of a TIGER.  The TIGER of the Week award is a way for students to be honored for showing the characteristics of Tenacity, Integrity, Gratitude, Effort, and Respect.  Coaches nominate students and winners are recognized with a certificate and a photo in the newspaper.  These five characteristics are truly important in seeing the bigger picture.  A student who displays these positive traits in their involvement in activities will no doubt be successful in other ventures in life.

As we go through the 2016-17 school year, keep an eye on the bigger picture and what it means to really be a TIGER.  Focus on those teachable moments and the life lessons that kids can take away from activities.  We know that this is going to be a great year filled with success for our students.  Go Tigers!

Park Elementary Earns Esteemed Award for Third Time

Staff and students of Park Elementary have just been honored with the special distinction of being named a Reward School by the Minnesota Department of Education for the third consecutive year.  This designation is reserved for the top 15% of all Minnesota schools that receive Title 1 funding.  As a school, we have demonstrated exceptional student outcomes in the following areas: proficiency, growth, and achievement gap reduction.  Our students performed at a very high level and are well-deserving of this special recognition.

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