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Summer is for Making Memories

Summer is for Making Memories

By Valerie Huepenbecker, Park Elementary School Counselor

Summer is finally upon us and while this will be a shorter summer than most, it is ours for the making.  It is easy to get swept up in hectic schedules we create.  However, when we take the time to slow down and savor these precious summer months, we can create family memories that will last a lifetime.  Some of my favorite memories as a child was fishing with my dad.  It was not the education about the proper bait and tackle that I remember, but the time we spent together in the boat, talking about life and just plain enjoying each other’s company without any distraction.

Summer break gives us an opportunity to create memories doing outdoor family activities.  You don’t have to be a camper to take advantage of our summer season by hiking in the woods, biking, swimming, fishing, or any other kind of outdoor activities that your family enjoys doing together.  Remember that what you do is not as important as doing it together.

You have to make a conscious effort to be present with children today.  I feel like it was easier back in my childhood because my parents weren’t plugged into electronic devices.  I never said to my mom and dad, “hey, can you put the phone down?”  The very devices that are created to connect us sometimes hinder our ability to be present.  So this summer, challenge your family to have some device-free time and engage with one another.  Look into your child’s eyes and notice them; time quickly passes and before your eyes they will be graduating from high school and moving into the next phase of life.

Summer is for making memories with your child.  Whether it’s a family road trip, jet setting vacation, or simply a staycation, summer is for slowing down and taking a break to focus on what is really important.  What matters is not where you go, how much money you spend, or what souvenir you bring home.  Instead, what matters is the moments and memories you make as a family.  The precious time we have together is our most valuable gift we can give our children.  The time spent investing in relationships with our kids is priceless.  Summer break is the perfect opportunity to slow down, be present, and savor the moments that really matter.

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