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Tigers of the Week: Mitchell Max & Rachel Haugen

Congratulations to Mitchell Max and Rachel Haugen for being selected as the TIGERs of the Week for the week of November 16-21, 2015. Below are the accomplishments and qualities that earned them the award.

Mitchell Max – Boys Basketball

  • Led the team in scoring with 20 points and went 7 of 13 in shooting
    Effort – Mitchell worked hard throughout the entire game, helping the team rally and remain competitive until the very end.
    Respect – Throughout the game, Mitchell displayed excellent sportsmanship. He encouraged his teammates throughout the contest

Rachel Haugen – Girls Swim and Dive

  • Completed her high school diving career with a 6th place finish at the state meet. This is her third time being All-State and her highest placing
  • Tenacity – Rachel has been focused and worked hard to achieve what she has achieved. She learned new dives as a senior that helped her set school records in both 6 and 11 dive formats
  • Integrity – Rachel has never complained even though she has had three different coaches over the last three years
  • Gratitude – She has been thankful for the support and encouragement she has received from teachers, classmates, coaches, and fellow competitors
  • Effort – She has put forth a great amount of effort throughout her time on the team. Always willing to do whatever was asked her. She was primarily a diver on the team, but also swam the workouts and in the meets without ever complaining
  • Respect – She has always shown great respect for her coaches, teammates, competitors, and the officials

Congratulations to Mitchell and Rachel!

Beyond the Vitamins and Minerals of Food

By Lesli Mueller, Director of Child Nutrition

Vitamin C, Biotin, Vitamin D and Calcium are some of the supplements we see lining the shelves at your local pharmacy.  We spend pretty pennies for these in hopes of improving our health.  The ironic thing is that this money may be better spent on actual food.

Where we get the best quality of vitamins and minerals is in the food we eat.  Whole foods, and not processed foods, are going to be the most nutrient dense.  That is why we hear so often that fruits and vegetables make a better snack choice in place of empty calorie chips, for example.

Supplements usually come in an isolated form of a vitamin or mineral.  From food we get vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and water.  Phytochemicals are found in fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, and other plant foods. Phytochemicals are said to have health benefits that protect the cells in our bodies from damage that could lead to cancer.  Scientists are just scratching the surface of how valuable phytochemicals are to our health.  We do know some vitamins and minerals in our foods, when eaten together, help absorb vitamins and minerals into our bodies more efficiently.

Environmental and hereditary factors can impact the absorption of minerals, iron and calcium.  With the help of Vitamin D, calcium is able to absorb more effectively in our bodies.  We mostly get Vitamin D from the sun but it is in some foods like egg yolks and milk.  Scrambled eggs and cheese are a great combination of foods to aid in the absorption of calcium.  Iron needs the help of Vitamin C to help with absorption.  Tomatoes and peppers contain lots of Vitamin C.  Iron we find in dry beans, turkey and meat.  A delicious bowl of chili would be an excellent food for improved absorption of iron.

Healed and healthy skin, getting over the flu quicker, stronger bones and sparking the energy within us for a less sluggish workout are reasons why vitamins and minerals from food are important to our diet.

If your family eats food from all the food groups and gets a wide variety of these foods you can be assured you are heading down the road to good health.  Encouraging your children to try new foods can help this process along and creates good eating habits for their lifetime.

Real Superheros Wear Sweaters

Real Superheroes Wear Sweaters

I wrote a book last year called Rabble Rousers-Agitadores. It tells the story of how ordinary people became extraordinary history-changing heroes. I wrote about Mother Jones and Cesar Chavez. I told the stories of Nelson Mandela and Jose Marti. These are people whose action, inspiration, and willingness to stand up and stand in the way changed the world.

Let me tell you about some other people who change the world every day: amazing rabble rousers in appliqued sweater vests. They drive your child’s school bus. They teach second grade. They are leading the fight for child nutrition and to end childhood hunger. Maybe it’s just hard to see that these folks are heroes because they don’t wear capes.

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Together We Will Do Great Things!

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Thank You Education Support Professionals

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Thank You

A Message from Keith Kamrath, Chairman
Hutchinson Board of Education

This week is American Education Week – November 16-20, 2015. Although high quality education requires year-round planning and effort, we especially want to recognize and thank the 482 professional educators in Hutchinson during this week. Hutchinson Public Schools, ISD 423 consistently produces academic achievement that is above the state and national averages. We salute the teachers, education assistants, substitute teachers, support staff, administration, and parents who are committed to outstanding educational opportunities for all students. They are the people who make our mission – Excellence in Academics, Activities, and Character – become reality. Please take a moment this week to thank the educators who have made a difference in your life. You will feel great!

American Education Week, November 16-20, 2015

Great Public Schools:

A Basic Right and Our Responsibility


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National Education Association website

Tiger of the Week – Emma Trettin

Congratulations to Emma Trettin, girls swim and dive, as being selected as this week’s TIGER of the Week. Below are the qualities that earned Emma this award:

  • After a rough start to the WCC championship meet, Emma was able to climb her way back from 8th place after the preliminary rounds of diving to finish second and earn an All-Conference award
  • Tenacity – Emma stayed calm and focused as she recovered from a rough start to the WCC conference meet.
  • Integrity – Emma stayed calm and did not allow her emotions to take over.
  • Gratitude – Emma is always positive and accepts her competitors as just that, competitors, not enemies.
  • Effort – Emma gives her best effort every day in practice and the meets. She has to practice diving and swimming which may keep her at the pool longer than the rest of the team. She does this without complaint.
  • Respect – She always shows nothing but the utmost respect for her teammates, coaches, officials, and competitors.

Congratulations Emma!

Bond Referendum Election a Success!

The school district greatly appreciates the overwhelming community support that was evident based on the positive outcome of the bond referendum election, with 2,807 “yes” votes to 662 “no” votes. This is a great day for the children of our community and the future of our school district. Our school district is committed to building enduring school facilities that will serve our community and students into the future and will serve as a source of community pride.

The Hutchinson community cares about children, values education, and takes pride in their schools. The District would like to take this opportunity to thank all that supported the bond referendum and more importantly, supported the children of our community.

Thank you!

Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

By Daron VanderHeiden, Superintendent

The Hutchinson school district has maintained and supported a comprehensive high school model through all the ebbs and flows of state and federal high school reform initiatives over the past 20 or more years.  As an example, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) had a specific focus on math and reading achievement. Are math and reading important?  Absolutely.  However, legislation like this and the associated repercussions persuaded many school districts across our state and nation to abandon the comprehensive high school model for a more prescriptive academic-only model with a very narrow focus. Hutchinson Public Schools was not one of those districts.

Hutchinson High School supports and values core academics, technical and vocational skills, the arts, healthy living/activities, and lifelong learning skills. We believe all of these areas are equally important to the growth of our students and should be supported for each of our students based on their individual talents, interests, and abilities. We believe all of our students are going to need some type of post-secondary education, credential, or specialized training to be successful in life beyond high school. Their high school experience serves as the first steps down this path.

Why is this important if you are a parent or student in our school district? Students and parents need to be highly engaged in career planning for life after high school in the early years of their high school career. As the cost of college continues to rise, and the college credit opportunities within the high school program continue to expand, it behooves parents and students to pay close attention and take advantage of all that is offered—be that Advanced Placement (AP), Concurrent or PSEO programs—or simply those courses that help students to flourish once they move beyond the high school doors.

The traditional belief in a four-year college degree to ensure success in life has also changed dramatically.  There may have been a time when a four-year college degree meant higher earnings and a better job, but the economy and workforce needs have changed. We should expand our view of college to include many of the other post-secondary options available to our students.

Remember the numbers 1-2-7.  According to Success in the New Economy, by Brian Marsh, for every 1 job requiring a Master’s degree or more, 2 jobs will require a four-year college degree, and 7 jobs will require a technical degree and/or a specialized training credential. This 1-2-7 ratio is fundamental to all industries.

Talk to your son or daughter about their interests and desires as it pertains to their career and post-secondary education options.  Consider their skills and abilities and what they truly enjoy doing.  Align those interests and skills with courses at Hutchinson High School that will give them some real-life, hands-on experience. Take advantage of the many concurrent enrollment options that will give your child high school graduation credit as well as college credit without the additional cost of college tuition.

Kids need guidance and mentoring as they begin to make these important life decisions, and they need our help. These experiences and decisions may very well change the trajectory of their working lives. As they say, find a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life!

Hutchinson Public Schools

Hutchinson Public Schools